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Visa Requirements Singapore 

• 07 Month Valid Passport
(from the date of traveling and need to attached old passport if any)

• 02 Copy Color Photograph (Recent Lab Print)
For Singapore Visa: Passport size, matt paper (white background)
• Trade license with English translate and Notary (For Businessman)

• Memorandum if needed.

• Bank Statement recent last 7 months transaction
(Must original copy with bank seal & sign and for Songapore Closing Balance per person 1, 20,000/- BDT

• Bank Solvency Certificate (Must Original Copy with bank seal & sign).

• 02 Copy Visiting Cards (Must Original Copy).

• Company pad for Businessman (Must Original Copy).

• NOC (For service Holder).

• Student ID card Photocopy & Money Receipt of monthly payment. (For Student).

• Bar council certificate. (For Lawyer).

• Doctors MBBS certificate photocopy (For Doctor).

• Office ID Card photocopy (For Job Holder). 

*All Bengali and photocopy documents should be translated in English and notarized. 

Visa Approximate Processing Time:
+- 12 to 19 working days.

Visa Fess with Assistance (Per Person):
5,200 BDT (With Invitation)
3,500 BDT (Without Invitation) 

        Only the embassy has the right to grant visas.