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Visa Requirements For Turkey 

1. A valid passport (with a seven-month validity on the date of the application) attached old in any

2. 2 color photographs (2x2 size-mate paper).

3. National ID card and birth certificate photocopy (ID mandatory)

4. Recent & Original Bank Solvency and Original bank statement up to date (covers the transactions of the last Seven months)

5. For Service holder: NOC Letter, Salary Certificate and Office ID Card Copy.

6. For Businessman: Trade license and Memorandum (if applicable), Company black pad 06 copies

7. Income tax return / TIN (Attested by a Notary Public)

8. Visiting cards 04 Copies.

9. Medical Insurance[Mandatory].

10. Membership to any trade body (Attested by a Notary Public) (if available).

11. Marriage certificate (if a married couple is travelling together).

• Each visa applicant should face interview by a Consular Officer.

• All Bengali and photocopy documents should be translated in English and notarized.

Visa Approximate Processing Time: +- 20 Working days

Visa Fess with Assistance (Per Person): 
            9,000 BDT (with insurance)
            6,000 BDT (without insurance)

        Only the embassy has the right to grant visas.